At the Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institute

Washington DC (May 18-20, 1996)


Today I went to the Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institute, and spend whole day. I saw many children inside. So I felt that most of exhibitions were also for children. But there were so huge real air crafts, rockets, space ships and a lot of films, videos, about airplanes, spaceships, planets, wars, etc. The only thing that I was impressed and displeased was exhibitions about the airplane of World War II, Enola Gay. Enola Gay was which carried and dropped an atomic bomb into Hiroshima city, Japan. There was no picture or no films showing the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They only show some articles of several news papers reporting the use of new type of bomb. That is only a US-side-point-of-view. That is half-truth. Visitors could get some seriousness of the fact from these exhibitions, though.

The Capital


I am in the Cafeteria of National Museum of Natural History. Here, also I can see many children and crowds. I saw almost everything so far. There are exhibitions of mammals, birds, dinosaurs, live insects, and cultures of the world. It was great that we can observe what we had never seen before. Especially I was impressed by some beautiful birds, some fossils of ages, very big frames of dinosaurs, and unusual live insects.


From Boston to Chicago

New York


Washington DC


Finally, I am in my apartment in Boston. I got the train for Boston at the Union Station, Washington D.C. When it arrived at New York, almost everyone got off the train. I felt it was very long from New York to Boston. I could not spend a time in reading, because of jolting. So I was totally boring. I don't think I am good at getting a train for long time.